Donations Update

Mukumba kids
The beautiful children in our newest family are excited to start school this week.


Thank you for the outpouring of donations and offers of help. Every single one is greatly appreciated! Due to the high volume of offers, and our committee’s busyness with getting the family established in these early days, it sometimes takes a few days to respond to each individual offer.

In terms of household donations, we’ve collected quite a few things over the past week. At this point, we do not need any more clothing for family members. Here’s what is still needed:

– Toolkit with basic household tools
– Cleaning supplies kit
– Bicycles for two girls (ages 13 and 7)
– Grocery carrier or wagon (for trips on foot to Walmart)
– Snow shovel
– TV for rental house
– Large area rugs
– Laundry baskets
– Any gift cards for Walmart, Independent, or Value Village

If you’ve contacted us about being a volunteer driver for ESL classes in Owen Sound, we will be in touch shortly to create a tentative schedule. If anyone else is interested in driving, please let us know!

Reach us on Facebook or via email:




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